Course: Getting Your Sh*t Together

This course will take you through a survey to determine just how much you know about the business aspects of being an artist. It will give you a good idea just how much you need to learn, or the satisfaction that you already know what you need to know.

The second part will take you through 10 steps to getting your sh*t together. If you complete these 10 steps, you are well on your way to being ready to engage with the art world and having a handle on just what else you need to figure out.

So come on this journey and see just how much you have your sh*t together!

This course will require approximately 1-1.5 hours of your time, but you can always save your place and return at your convenience.

Course Instructor:
Karen Atkinson is a media, installation and public artist, independent curator, collaborator, and has published and guest edited a number of publications. She has exhibited and curated internationally including South Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the USA, and exhibited in the Fifth Havana Biennial in Cuba. She was a co-founding director of Side Street Projects in 1991, a non profit artist-run organization in Los Angeles which is still up and thriving today. She has been a faculty member at CalArts since 1988. She is a past board president of NAAO, the National Association of Artists’ Organizations. She has served on the board of directors of LACPS, Side Street Projects, Installation and serves on many Advisory Boards of arts organizations. Atkinson currently teaches classes and workshops titled “Getting Your Sh*t Together” and has created software for visual artists of the same title. Her company GYST Ink, is an artist run company for artists. She also co-edits the blog. www.gyst-ink.com


  • 4Very general, but helpful when you are just getting started. - Crystal Huyett
  • 4When your starting from nothing, this course lets you how not ready you truly are. However it also gives you hope that you can start and gives you a few ideas on where to start. - William Hammock
  • 3Yes, very general, and somewhat self-promotional of the author's business. The survey seems a little arbitrary since the meaning of the score is never addressed in the course itself. - Scott Tsuchitani
  • 4 - Ita Udo-Ema
  • 5 - Jennafer Lamb
  • 5This was incredibly helpful not just to see what information I was missing but to build my confidence in what I was doing already. Thank you! - Sonya Knussen
  • 4Thank you, small things that can make big changes. - Sonelle de Klerk
  • 4I'm much further along than I thought. Thanks... - Denver Rey Whisman
  • 4 - Jayme Alilaw
  • 5 - Michael Ibarra

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