Courses taken by Aravind Adyanthaya

Marketing: Demystified

As an artist or arts organization, you have to be able to market your creative offering. And, since you’ll be competing with other art professionals, as well as every other place that people spend their discretionary income (e.g. restaurants, bars, clubs, movies, amusement parks, sporting events, etc.); you need to make sure your efforts are targeted and compelling. Marketing Demystified is an introductory course that will explain marketing basics like market research, segmentation, positioning, pricing, distribution, promotion, and designing your creative offering.

This course will require approximately 1-2 hours of your time, but you can always save your place and return at your convenience.

This course was developed as a collaborative effort of the Fractured Atlas staff.

Working with Performing Arts Agents: An Overview

I’m happy you’ve taken an interest in learning more about the world of agents and what they can and cannot do for you. You’ve made a positive step toward achieving your goals as an artist!

Please know, this course will not give you a guaranteed recipe for successfully securing an agent, bookings, or a career. This course is designed to help you better understand the role of agents, so you can take informed actions to secure the right representation and have your work seen by larger and more diverse audiences. Since my experience is as a booking agent for performing artists, you will find that my specific examples deal with this type of agency. However, the principals and core lessons apply to all types of arts-based agencies.

Please also know that many artists nowadays act as their own agents, and some of these artists have been successful. To be completely candid, as an agent myself, this course does not speak to this do-it-yourself brand of agent. This course is strictly about professional agents and managers that an artist would hire.

This course will require approximately 1-2 hours of your time, but you can always save your place and return at your convenience.

I hope you enjoy the course!

Course Instructor:
Bernard Schmidt is the owner/president of Bernard Schmidt Productions, Inc., founded in 1999, which handles general management, artist career development, worldwide representation, production, and fundraising for international artists and companies (mainly in dance and world music). Prior to this, he was the director of Pentacle International for Pentacle Management, which handled international tour booking for performing arts groups in North America and abroad. Among other professional credits, he was former managing director for Elisa Monte Dance; executive director of Ballet du Nord in Lille, France; and a staff assistant at the National Endowment for the Arts. He holds masters degrees from ESCP/Graduate School of Management in Paris and New York University.

Presentation Venues

This is an in-depth course on presentation venues that is primarily geared towards visual artists, as well as those working in a multidisciplinary nature. However, all artists can find some information to take away.

The course will take you through multiple sites, including museums, commercial galleries, non-profit or artist-run spaces, college/university sites, private dealers, rental galleries, corporate collections, registries, open studios, online galleries, vanity galleries, co-op spaces, public art spaces, art fairs, auctions, and lots of alternative sites for site-specific projects. We list the pros, cons, and research hints about these spaces, as well as how to seek them out.

You are bound to learn something from this course; at the very least, it should spark an idea for a site that best fits your own practice!

This course should take about 1-1.5 hours to complete, but you may always start and stop as you wish!

Course Instructor:
Karen Atkinson is a media, installation and public artist, independent curator, collaborator, and has published and guest edited a number of publications. She has exhibited and curated internationally including South Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the USA, and exhibited in the Fifth Havana Biennial in Cuba. She was a co-founding director of Side Street Projects in 1991, a non profit artist-run organization in Los Angeles which is still up and thriving today. She has been a faculty member at CalArts since 1988. She is a past board president of NAAO, the National Association of Artists’ Organizations. She has served on the board of directors of LACPS, Side Street Projects, Installation and serves on many Advisory Boards of arts organizations. Atkinson currently teaches classes and workshops titled “Getting Your Sh*t Together” and has created software for visual artists of the same title. Her company GYST Ink, is an artist run company for artists. She also co-edits the blog.